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Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Have Franco Contractors assess and repair your roof as necessary and you just might be able to delay your roof replacement several years into the future.  Though there is always the chance you will end up paying more for a string of repairs over the years than you would for a full replacement, repairs are almost always cheaper.  Franco Contractors will repair your roof, keep you and everything else below your roof protected and minimize your roof repair expenses across the long haul.

Roof Repair Done Right

If your roof has a pressing issue, do not immediately assume a full replacement will be necessary.  Though other New Oxford roofers will likely suggest a full replacement in order to make as much money as possible, we are straightforward with our prospective clients.  If the issue with your shingles, soffit, gutters or any other portion of your roof is not significant, we will perform the appropriate repair instead of pushing for an unnecessary replacement.  Everything from fallen branches to high winds, hail, sleet and animals can cause such damage.

Franco Contractors takes the extra step of checking the wood decking below shingles to ensure water ingress has not caused additional damage.  If the roof decking endures significant water damage, there could be meaningful structural issues.  If we identify such damage during the inspection, our roofing team will cut out the rotting portion and replace that specific part with new material to enhance your roof’s lifespan.  We are extremely careful when performing roof repairs as we are well aware of the fact that your house is likely your most valuable asset.

How to Tell if Roof Repair or Replacement is Necessary

The best approach to keeping a stable and reliable roof over your head is to  have this important barrier inspected and repaired at least once per year.  In fact, New Oxford homeowners have found it helps to contact Franco Contractors for a roof inspection and/or repair after powerful storms pass through the area.  Fail to have regular maintenance performed on your roof and those minor repairs will almost certainly become significant problems.  The last thing you need is the cost of a full roof replacement.

In general, roofs that are more than 15 years old and plagued by considerable flaws should be replaced.  However, if the roof is around this age and the repair is minor, it might be best to proceed with the repair and hope for the best.  Alternatively, if the roof is 10-15 years old or older and it leaks or has missing shingles, replacement is likely most prudent.  When in doubt, crunch the numbers.  If the cost of repairing your roof is less than half of a full roof replacement, it might be best to proceed with the repairs.

Examples of Roof Problems That Require Repair

Most people think of roof leaks when the subject of repairs is raised.  This is just one example of common roof repairs.  Moisture has the potential to produce leaks yet it can also create a nasty odor.  If you neglect your roof’s moisture long enough, it will generate mildew and mold that spreads throughout the entirety of your home.

Flawed flashing is another common roof problem that necessitates repair.  Flashing is typically comprised of heavy rubber/metals to stop leakage.  If the flashing is damaged or improperly installed, it will not function as the essential first line of defense along the exterior of your home.  Our New Oxford roof repair team can correct the flaws with your flashing.  We can also take care of gutter buildup, damaged shingles, compromised soffits and any other roofing problem you have.

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