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Siding is essential for every home yet New Oxford homeowners often neglect this aspect of their house as it is generally assumed it will prove functional and aesthetically pleasing across posterity.  If your home’s siding is dilapidated or even slightly detrimental to your home’s aesthetic, it is time to have it replaced or repaired.  Our New Oxford siding crew is here to do the work.  Your home really will look significantly better after your siding is replaced or repaired.

High-quality Siding

Quality siding installation is centered on the use of quality products.  We refuse to use anything but the industry’s best siding materials.  If you are looking for siding for the entirety of your New Oxford home or the repair of a single siding panel, our New Oxford siding experts are at your service.  We have an array of siding options available to homeowners.  Our siding team will help you select the best siding for your New Oxford home based on your unique preferences as well as your home’s idiosyncrasies.

Whether you are interested in a certain texture or color, there is a good chance we have exactly what you are looking for.  From light hues to neutral colors, rich and deep colors and beyond, we will install the siding style and color you think looks best on your home’s exterior.  Alternatively, if you would like our input, we are more than happy to provide a professional opinion.

Why Siding is so Important to Your New Oxford Home

Some New Oxford homeowners question whether siding is worth the investment.  Siding is essential to protecting your home yet it also insulates your living space.  The proper siding will stop drafts and moisture from entering your New Oxford home.  New siding or even siding repair will also boost your home’s energy efficiency to boot.  If your heating and cooling bills have increased, reach out to our New Oxford siding crew right away.  Once we repair or replace your home’s siding, you will likely notice a decrease in your utility bills.

Aside from functional improvements, new siding also enhances the visual appeal of your home’s exterior.  Siding that is aged, rotting, dull in color, damaged or simply missing compromises the beauty of your home.  Such dilapidated siding is nothing but an eyesore.  Even if you do not care much about how your home looks, your neighbors do as their property values are dependent on the quality and look of neighborhood homes.

Do not go one more day with warped, rotting or ugly siding!  Let our New Oxford siding aficionados tackle this home improvement project on your behalf and you will love how your home’s exterior looks.  Add in the fact that new or repaired siding provides insulation and protection against the elements and you have even more reason to spend for this home improvement project.

Vinyl Siding in New Oxford

Vinyl siding has exploded in popularity in New Oxford and beyond for good reason: this siding is high-quality and low-maintenance.  In fact, vinyl siding requires no maintenance at all.  This siding is not susceptible to moisture/mold damage.  Some vinyl siding features a wood-like texture that creates the impression it looks like actual wood.  High-grade vinyl siding is particularly thick, allowing for superior rigidity and impact resistance.

Siding replacement
Are You Interested in New Siding?  Contact Franco Contractors Today

Franco Contractors is here to serve homeowners in and around the greater New Oxford area.  Aside from installing new siding and gutters, our team also provides professional gutter cleaning services.  Our services also extend to roof replacements, roof repairs, residential cleaning and window/door installation and replacement.

Give us a call at 443-244-5627 to find out more about how we can repair or replace your home’s siding.