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Windows and Doors

Windows & Doors

Your home’s windows and doors are an essential line of defense between you and everything outside.  If you do not have the proper windows and doors installed, you will face a heightened risk of a home invasion and lack the insulation necessary to keep the cold/hot air out of your living space.  Franco Contractors is here to install the perfect new windows and doors at your New Oxford home or business.

New Windows and Doors Starts With an Evaluation

If you are suspicious your home’s windows and doors are insufficient in any way, it is time to make a change.  The installation of new windows and doors starts with an evaluation of your home’s current setup.  We provide no-cost on-site window and door analysis.  Our window and door experts will take a close look at your current windows and doors to determine if repair or replacement is the better option.  Put your faith in our team and we will provide a completely forthright assessment of your current windows and doors.  Our aim is to keep your home insulated against mother nature’s wrath, secure and comfortable.

Window and siding replacement services

Energy-Efficient Windows in New Oxford

Damage is not the sole reason to replace windows.  If your New Oxford home’s windows are not properly insulated, you are paying much more to heat and cool your home than you should.  The solution is to install energy-efficient replacement windows.  This variety of window will keep the frigid outdoor air outside during the winter so you can remain cozy and comfortable indoors.  Aside from improving your comfort, these state-of-the-art windows will also reduce your utility bills to boot.

How to Determine if Your Windows and Doors Should be Replaced or Repaired

In some cases, it makes sense to repair windows and doors rather than replace them.  However, the average New Oxford homeowner does not have a firm grasp on what necessitates window/door replacement.  There is no shame in asking for help from our windows and doors aficionados.  Let us examine your windows and doors, review your utility bills and determine which approach is better.


If your home’s doors or windows have minor cosmetic damage, condensation or another subtle problem, replacement might not be the best option.  However, if there is wood rot, water stains or high utility bills, replacement makes sense. Though replacing windows and doors will certainly cost some money, you will recoup some of this investment back in the form of decreased monthly heating and cooling bills.  The icing on the cake is your new windows and doors will look fantastic, giving your property that much more aesthetic appeal.

The Window and Door Selection Process

There is no reason to be intimidated by the window and door selection process.  Our windows and doors experts are here to help you navigate through this challenge.  Let us help you select new windows and doors and you will be more than pleased with the end result.  Everything from the style of your home to the material used and design options matter a great deal.

As an example, materials for windows and doors range from Ultrex fiberglass to extruded aluminum, wood and beyond.  Our team is here to guide your through these decisions so you end up with the perfect color, hardware finish, screen, shades, wood stains and beyond.  Pick our experts’ brains, pose questions, raise concerns and you will find we are as informative as it gets.  In fact, you can even check out available window and door options right here in our showroom.

The Installation of Your new Windows and Doors

The scope of your unique window and door replacement project determines the amount of preparation required before and on the day of installation.  Alarms must be turned off, decorative treatments must be removed and so on.  Once our team is finished with the installation, you will enjoy that much more light in your home, improved insulation and a meaningful heating/cooling cost savings that pay dividends for decades.

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